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About Us

About Us

Our roastery is fully-licensed by the AVA for wholesale coffee supply to cafes, corporate offices, hotels and home brewers!

A decade ago, before the term third-wave entered the coffee-lover’s lexicon, Liberty Coffee’s founding partner, Terence Tay walked into an espresso bar in Rome and experienced a coffee epiphany. The aroma of fine Arabica against the sweet milk was a revelation in a cup. His desire to bring the experience of deliciously-accessible coffee home led to the establishment of Liberty Coffee in Singapore. As a commercial airline pilot, multiple visits to countries with burgeoning specialty-coffee markets, such as London, Australia, Korea, and the US fed this passion. It was time to hang up his wings, but the travels did not stopped. Sourcing from diverse coffee-producing countries such as Kenya, Brazil and Indonesia, we now bring the serendipitous experience of excellent java to Singapore via Liberty Coffee.

Service support and training, consistently great quality.

As an artisan roaster of specialty-grade coffee beans, Liberty Coffee aimed from the start to work with parties who want to elevate their coffee offering. We have comprehensive coffee-programme and beverage-workflow solutions, backed by solid service. Consistent and reliable – whether on equipment, staff training or coffee supply – we’re here to assist. In our dedicated training centre, we offer classes which empower everyone to make great coffee by sharing barista skills, techniques and conducting coffee appreciation classes. Clients will receive a complimentary training session with purchase of espresso machines from us.

Sourcing around the world. Proudly Roasting in Singapore.

Liberty Coffee sources a wide range of beans – from single-origins for slow brews to extract their fine nuances, to coffees prized for the balance they bring to espresso blends. These coffees come from diverse regions, such as the Central America (e.g. Guatemala), Africa (e.g. Ethiopia, Kenya) and Asia (e.g. Indonesia). Through our quality product and delivering on our promises time after time, we are achieving our mission to Elevate Your Coffee Supply!