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Festivál Kafé Timor 2017

FKT international judges discuss Timorese Coffee: (From left) Dragonfly Coffee Roaster's Tamas Christman, Roast magazine's Connie Blumhardt, Specialty Coffee Association's Andrew Hetzel, The Coffee Man movie director Jeff Hann, Raw Material and El Fenix's Matt Graylee, and Groundwork Coffee Co's Jeffrey Chean.

Liberty Coffee is proud to be a part of the 2nd Festivál Kafé Timor (FKT) – Celebrating Timorese coffee from bean to cup. Our chief roaster, Terence, is among a great panel of international judges for the FKT's 2017 Cupping Competition. He is seeking delicious coffees to bring home to Singapore.

The Timor-Leste Coffee Association (ACTL) and East Timor Development Agency (ETDA) are concurrently hosting the inaugural Barista Championships.

ACTL vice-president, Señor Afonso Oliveira, said: “(FKT) will help identify and select the best quality Timorese coffees...The judges are coffee professionals from all over the world and will help us identify the best coffee to get into market, especially international."

FKT panels are also tackling issues such as the revitalization of coffee planting and how to brand Timor coffee. We'll be visiting farms and cupping lots of coffees in the coming week. Stay tuned for more posts.

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Liberty Coffee has always stood for making good coffee an approachable luxury to all. We’re Proudly Roasted in Singapore – and this is a tagline we’ve embraced from the start. Singapore’s culture of excellence is a value system ingrained in us, and our approach to roasting and brewing expresses this discipline. Going forward, we plan to use this blog as a platform to share recipes; give you a glimpse of the wonderful coffee farms we visit and buy from; introduce our dynamic range of partner cafes/bistros/delis; and, be opinionated on everything from equipment to techniques. Drop us a line at if there’s a burning coffee question you wanna ask. For now, ‘Hello World’!  

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