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Marine animals could eat our bags!



Liberty Coffee is the FIRST f&b outlet in Singapore to introduce Green Boulevard’s innovative starch bags as its primary takeaway carrier bag, instead of conventional plastic or paper bags.


Made of tapioca starch

The eco-friendly bags are made from tapioca starch. With the raw materials processed from plants, impact upon the environment is minimised compared to plastic bags which are synthesised from derivatives of petro-chemicals or paper bags which require tree pulp.


Biodegradable on both land and in water


The organic material of the bags allow them to biodegrade in less than 180 days when left in the natural environment on land or when submerged in water.

This is a remarkable feature as most types of carriers labelled as biodegradable often need specific conditions for the biodegrading process to sustain. Other disposable carriers will not biodegrade in water bodies because the temperature is usually much lower and other conditions for biodegradation are difficult to be satisfied.


Edible by animals


Starch Bags can address the dangers that conventional plastic possesses when accidentally ingested by animals. Often, marine animals mistake plastic bags as food which caused harm and deaths to many of them. Starch Bags are tested safe through an oral toxicity test and will not harm the wildlife if mistakenly ingested. 



What is the vision & mission of Green Boulevard?


The vision of Green Boulevard is to reduce pollution through responsible ways for a sustainable future. Liberty Coffee is partnering with the company because it believes in environmentally friendly solutions to replace disposables through innovation and creativity. - Guest post by Green Boulevard founder, Matthew Ong