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 El Fénix


Liberty Coffee is proud to be part of the El Fénix project kickstarted by Raw Material in Calarcá, Colombia. This is part of our effort to promote a sustainable value chain.


The El Fénix project involves building a community wet mill where farmers in the region would be able to have their coffee cherries processed using modern methods, meticulously crafted, with the goal of producing sustainable and ethically-sourced specialty-grade coffee.


It will also be a hub for farmers to gather and share best practices among themselves, and for roasters to meet and interact with the producers of the coffees they buy. Such exchange is rare amongst the producing countries. The hope is this change will propagate new insights, efficiencies and innovation in the world of coffee.


As a supporter, we have rare varietals growing in El Fénix including Gesha, Wush Wush, and other exotic varietals which have not been commercially offered in the past.


We can’t wait to share the coffees when they’re finally ready from next year, but in the meantime, we’ll be sharing the progress of the farm as new facilities and plantings are added, culminating with our trip to visit the farm this coming November.