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La Marzocco



Liberty Coffee is a La Marzocco Singapore agent.

Singapore cafe and home baristas have many espresso machine brands to choose from, but this Italian brand is our recommended choice for anyone serious about producing quality coffee.

La Marzocco invented the most important technological innovations which matter for consistency of performance in espresso coffee machines. It was the first to introduce industry standards like saturated groupheads, and dual- and multi-boiler models. And with its latest Auto Brew Ratio technology, it is the only brand to have reliable automated optimisation of coffee brewing profiles and parameters.


The materials and quality of workmanship that goes into the machines, which are handmade in Florence, Italy, is unsurpassed. La Marzocco uses the newest parts, such as up-rating pumps when possible, and utilises the latest cladding materials to achieve excellent boiler insulation.

As a company, the brand actively engages with the coffee industry through innovative ways like its Out of the Box event and the La Marzocco Cafe in Seattle, with its rotating global lineup of specialty coffee roasters.

Make an appointment to visit Liberty Coffee’s roastery, where a wide range of the brand’s models are housed under one roof. We offer competitive prices, some used models, and great machine support through the official La Marzocco distributor.

Home and Cafe/Commercial machine features we love:

La Marzocco Linea Mini

Liberty-Coffee-La-Marzocco-Linea-Mini-Yellow Features we like:
  • Combination of dual boiler and internal pump marries commercial-level consistency with compact footprint for elevated home performance.
  • Large boiler capacity results in powerful steam-wand capability.
  • Pre-programmed pre-infusion feature.
  • Option of built-in water reservoir or plumbed in water supply.

La Marzocco GS3

Liberty-Coffee-La-Marzocco-GS3-AV Features we like:
  • Exotic aesthetic profile with exposed saturated group.
  • Combination of dual boiler and internal pump marries commercial-level consistency with compact footprint for elevated home performance.
  • Dual PID to control coffee and steam boiler temperatures separately.

La Marzocco Strada

Liberty-Coffee-Strada-EP-1-group Features we like:
  • Wide range of models: Strada EE, Strada, MP, Strada EP, Strada AV designed in consultation with leading baristas.
  • Stable brewing platform due to thermal stability system and either duo or individual multi-coffee boilers.
  • High-customisation of functions Eg Proportional valve technology, programmable preinfusion.
  • Pressure profiling and individual internal gear pumps (EP model).
  • Pressure and flow control with periscope gauges (MP model).
  • Option for ABR (Auto Brew Ratio) on AV model.

La Marzocco Linea PB

Liberty-Coffee-Linea-PB-ABR-2-group Features we like:
  • Robust workhorse with advanced components and internal design for temperature stability.
  • Easy programming (preinfusion and boiler temperatures etc) and cleaning (EG Auto back-flush cleaning sequence) helps with machine consistency.
  • Option for ABR (Auto Brew Ratio) technology
  • Clean lines and sleek lower profile.

La Marzocco FB80

Liberty-Coffee-La-Marzocco-FB80-AV-2-group Features we like:
  • Manufactured for the 2006 World Barista Championship in Bern with classic silhouette to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary.
  • Equipped with all the technology which makes the GB5 great, including ruby flow restrictors, dual PID and dual boilers.

La Marzocco GB5

Liberty-Coffee-La-Marzocco-GB5-EE-[2-group Features we like:
  • Classic looks evocative of Italian espresso bars while retaining many modern features.
  • Dual boiler technology and CPU board for programming control.
  • Saturated groups and dual PID for coffee and steam boiler control for temperature stability.

Looking for a La Marzocco?

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