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Liberty Coffee launches first Poursteady robotics-automated pourover station outside North America.

If you missed the news in The Straits Times herewe were delighted to introduce the Poursteady in Singapore in February of 2016. The device produces precision-pour patterns to replace the most difficult, time-consuming stages of the hand-brewing process.

It was developed by Steady Equipment Corporation engineers and freelance NASA robotics designers, Stuart Heys and Mark Sibenac. They identified consistency and reliability as key goals, which fits perfectly with Liberty Coffee's own values. Hey, a good cup of coffee may be just as important as sending robots to space after all!

People harp on about the artisanal nature of specialty coffee, but forget it requires precision brewing to yield an excellent cup time after time. Hand-brewing methodologies which best showcase specialty coffee are time consuming, making them impractical to execute in a busy cafe setting. The Poursteady automates the very artisanal process of hand-brewed coffees, freeing the barista to engage with customers.

Liberty Coffee has showcased the Poursteady at our partner cafes and put it through its paces at two events (the Boutiques @ F1 Pitstop Building and the Singapore Design Week at the National Design Centre). Keep an eye out for future offsite mobile events where you might score a cup of our delicious precision brew.

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